Thanks for the Support

Some of the cars that run SouthBay’s Fuel Injectors. We have Danny Trimble with XIR….out of 50 cars came in 2nd place, the SouthBay car with Chris Ray from DT Racing with a new personal best, The Nitro Car with Eladio Cruz behind the wheel 8.88,
“La Nina” with Abraham Alba with a 9.03.

Cars that are not in the video: Brian Kilby 9.1, Katrina Gedge new personal best last week, Brandon Jefferson with Low Budget Performance new personal best last week,
Darth Vader Racing 7.1 at MIR.

The list is a bit long so unfortunately we cannot mention every car, however we want all of you to know that we had a great time working with all of you!! It was an exciting year and we thank each and every one of you for your support!!!


A big thank you to Ravi for the awesome video and support! See More

SouthBay Fuel Injectors MIR/WCF
SFI Cars @ MIR World Cup Finals 2014

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