A little work on a 1Jz

Vinny Ten Racing sent over this 1Jz intake and manifold and asked if I wouldn’t mind mounting the injectors, so I said sure. The injectors I had, been holding them for one of Vinny’s customers. The rail came with the intake and that was it. First had to make 3 spacer’s, no problem there. Now 6 x 1600cc All Fuel Titanium hardened Stainless Bosch Injectors. Called Vinny Ten Racing and told them they could pick it up. Anytime.


WCF Maryland


19th Annual World Cup Finals! Sunset! Superstreet! Teggy! DC2! Perfect timing #southbayfuelinjectors #nitroblades #MIR #RealSt #Haltech #FTW

FTW Racing Fuels SouthBay Fuel Injectors Inc Real Street Haltech Ecu Maryland International Raceway Nitro Performance: Performance parts and tuning — with Frank Juhl, Jason Miller, Val Boodram, Brian Kilby, Kyle Koretsky, Jae Nyce, Russ Nyce, Christopher Ray, Dave Fry, Craig Nyce and Tosh Kellam at World Cup Finals – Import vs. Domestic.

Racers+Tuners 2K15 Can’t wait…

Please join us in thanking our sponsors and partners for a great 2014 season. To all the car clubs and shops that supported us, we say thanks and we are going to make it bigger and better for all to enjoy! SouthBay Fuel Injectors has a line of great fuel product and a even greater customer service team. Arp Shop is making the RX-8 run the way it was ment to. To the Conn Men for their wild ass crazy stunt bike show, every year they pull something new that we’ve never seen. Nissan for letting us play with a brand new 2015 Sentra. In 2015 we do it all again, just with more twists and more fun! And I also want thank our staff, our models and our crew for their continued support and contribution to the growth of our efforts. See More

— with Kens Kustom Graphics and 46 others.


Thanks for the Support

Some of the cars that run SouthBay’s Fuel Injectors. We have Danny Trimble with XIR….out of 50 cars came in 2nd place, the SouthBay car with Chris Ray from DT Racing with a new personal best, The Nitro Car with Eladio Cruz behind the wheel 8.88,
“La Nina” with Abraham Alba with a 9.03.

Cars that are not in the video: Brian Kilby 9.1, Katrina Gedge new personal best last week, Brandon Jefferson with Low Budget Performance new personal best last week,
Darth Vader Racing 7.1 at MIR.

The list is a bit long so unfortunately we cannot mention every car, however we want all of you to know that we had a great time working with all of you!! It was an exciting year and we thank each and every one of you for your support!!!


A big thank you to Ravi for the awesome video and support! See More

SouthBay Fuel Injectors MIR/WCF
SFI Cars @ MIR World Cup Finals 2014 http://www.southbayfuelinjectors.com

Racers and Tunners

Racers and Tuners
Yesterday at 4:53am ·
Our Sponsor SouthBay Fuel Injectors Inc laundry list of fast consistent cars. They are not just the ones on the track. Between Wayne Speed Blair and P-spec engineering, we have a list of 2JZ, LS, 4G63,SR20DET, S50,1.8T, B-series and K series Street cars making 400 to 1000 hp daily driven. Their injectors are proven to perform and their strong commitment to their customers, track or street is proven by how many cars at MIR with their stickers!

Flow Matched, Not Really

Some but not all people in the Fuel Injector business have no clue of the value of correct injector flow matching. It is not a one step process. They will say ” these are a perfectly matched set of injectors “. As you can see from this video, that’s only half right. Sure if you only flow them statically then yes they match up pretty well. However see what they do dynamically and you will see the stark reality of what’s passed off as “Flow Matched”

305 – 350 Tpi Adjustable Fuel Regulator

305 – 350 Tpi Adjustable Fuel Regulator. Tpi Regulator and Diaphragm Direct fitment for all 305 & 5.7 Tpi 82 – 91 GM That’s not going to break the bank.